We started as an architecture company completing projects in both local and international markets (in Western Europe and Asia). Furthermore, we have decided to enter the local residential development market with the aim of delivering a superior product, in an unique approach, driven by the mix of architectural concepts and real estate investment principles.

We believe that the Architect's vision combined with the Residential Developer's business plan leads to new opportunities and unique market solutions, that might have not been taken into consideration by other developers. Even more, this combination results in remarkable new residential buildings, with high quality living standards.

Build places that inspire people to demand more from the spaces they live in.

Create new living spaces focused around end-customer needs.

Change the urban landscape through high quality architectural development.


After more than 8 years of providing architectural services for our clients, we have decided it was time to start our own residential development. In 2013, we broke ground on our first project in the Old Town of Brasov (Schei Neighborhood), which was entirely sold by its completion. Currently, we have under construction Bobalna 14 and other two projects in design and pre-permitting phases.

Our pipeline includes over 10,000 square meters (+80 residential units) in some of the most dynamic and attractive neighborhoods in Brasov.

We are determined to define our real estate approach as an architectural driven process blended with a solid financial strategy, thus bringing a new standard in residential development.

Our aim is to deliver on the market a premium product, unique in concept, that adds net value for end-users. In order to be able to offer such a high-quality product, a special care must be taken during the design and execution phases, using especially internal resources.






Diana Balint


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